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    Sep 24, 2013
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    I was honored to be asked by William Murray to make the first post in this new "Internet Marketing & Joint Venture News" thread. When thinking about what to write, it dawned on me that the opening of this thread in itself is something which is “News Worthy”, so I decided to write this first post about the opening of the thread.

    The "Internet Marketing & Joint Venture News" thread has been created for JVFocus members to post, share and be informed about what is happening in the Internet marketing world.

    With the opening of this thread, William Murray is inviting all JVFocus members to become the eyes and ears for this community and contribute news worthy information you feel will be of interest and benefit to all members.

    JVFocus welcomes contributions of quality articles and content that will inspire fellow members, help them understand the industry better and provide enlightenment for things that are happening in the wider Internet Marketing community.

    In turn, JVFocus wants members to draw on this valuable resource as it grows in the weeks, months and years ahead, embracing the resources shared in this thread.

    For this thread to have integrity, William needed some guidelines, so a sensible framework for posting to this thread was developed and put in place.

    The fundamentals of the guideline framework are quite simple:

    • Articles need to be news worthy, well written and not promotional in nature.
    • Content submitted should be unique (curated content is discouraged).
    • Content provided needs to be submitted without conditions, because it will be shared openly here.
    • You need to be authorized to submit and release any article you post.
    • Articles must not include content denouncing or belittling anyone. Hate messages, negative or aggressive comments of any kind will not be approved.
    • Articles submitted cannot infringe on the copyrights of any other person.

    A full set of guidelines can be found at (link to guidelines to go here)

    William has decided that all posts to this thread will be moderated and need approval before going live. He has also stated quite clearly that product launch and self-promotional posts will not be approved, so please save him a little time and don’t post that kind of stuff in this thread.

    In recent weeks William has done an amazing job of laying the foundation for a community we can all benefit from and be proud to be a part of.

    I would like to congratulating William not just for starting this new thread, but also for the work he has done for the wider Internet Marketing community by developing the JVFocus website and establishing a community where like-minded people can share and help grow their online businesses together.

    I declare this thread open and invite all to contribute.

    Best wishes

    Gordon Russell
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  2. William Murray

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    Sep 24, 2013
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    Hey Gordon,

    My pleasure I'm delighted you wrote up the first official Newsworthy article for the Joint Venture & Internet Marketing News section on jvfocus.com : )

    I wanted to thank you to for the idea, and looking forward to seeing many more articles in here in the very near future :)


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