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    If you have existing products you'd like to sell to JV Focus Members and visitors that will add value to their lives and businesses by all means list them in here.

    Here's what you need to do when listing your products for sale on JV Focus.

    Step 1) Write up your product for sale announcement.

    Step 2) When ready create your new thread.

    At this point your thread will be held in moderation, you'll have two choices once we review your thread and get back to you.

    Choice a) Redeem 20 points you may have accrued on the JV Focus Rewards Program


    Choice b) Pay the $20 listing fee via PayPal, either William Murray or@Liam Murray will message you with the details.

    Once the redemption in points or listing fee has been paid your thread will then go live.


    William & Liam

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