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    By submitting an article for inclusion in the JVFocus news thread you are verifying that you have read the entire JVFocus News Article Submission Guidelines and agree to all guidelines, terms and conditions.

    The full JVFocus News Article Submission Guidelines can be viewed below.

    In essence you are agreeing:

    That all content submitted by you is unique.

    To allow JVFocus to use the content provided without any conditions.

    That you are authorized to submit and release this article for use to JVFocus.

    The article is news worthy, well written and not promotional in nature.

    The article includes no content denouncing or belittling anyone, does not include hate messages, negative or aggressive comments of any kind.

    It does not infringe on the copyrights of any other person.

    You agree to allow JVFocus to modify the article as described in the full JVFocus News Article Submission Guidelines if the article needs corrections to the facts, grammar or spelling or for any other reason.

    You will indemnify and hold JVFocus, its employees and agents harmless in relation to the use of the content submitted, under all circumstances.

    JVFocus News Article Submission Guidelines

    News Worthy articles written by JVFocus staff, moderators, members and our business partners can be submitted for consideration via the “Internet Marketing Industry News” thread, within the JVFocus website.

    Upon receipt of news worthy articles, JVFocus will manually review and give consideration to the article for inclusion within the news thread. Consideration for inclusion is based on the merits of each article individually, which must meet our editorial guidelines.

    Editorial Guidelines

    In order for your article to be considered for inclusion in the JVFocus news thread you must agree for JVFocus to publish your article, images and all included reference material without any reservations or conditions.

    For you to be able to do this, you must acknowledge that the article has been written by you and will not be found in other places on the internet. Your article must be unique.

    By submitting an article for consideration, you are agreeing that the article and any supporting images, video or references made are submitted without any copyright conditions being enforced on JVFocus. By submitting an article you agree to release all rights for use of the article and associated supporting materials to JVFocus.

    You acknowledge that you are aware that your article may be edited by the editor of the news thread if it will enhance the post, reports facts more accurately, or if editing is needed to correct the grammar or spelling within the article.

    It Must Be News Worthy
    • Current information affecting the internet marketing world right now.
    • Internet marketing success stories.
    • Success stories.
    • Press releases (not product launches)
    • Positive, humorous & funny stories relative and on topic to the IM industry
    It Must Be Well Written

    Before submitting an article for consideration please check that it makes sense, is clearly written and has correct spelling and grammar.

    Your article will need to be unique

    We will not be filling our website with curated content, so all articles will be checked for accuracy and the uniqueness of the content. If evidence is found that your article has been copied from another website, it will not be considered for inclusion.

    This Is Not the Place for Product Launches or Announcements

    Articles written for the express purpose of announcing a new product or service should be submitted for inclusion in the product launch thread and will be deleted if submitted via the news thread.

    Article Integrity

    Articles need to have integrity and any claims made in an article will need to be provable.
    You may be asked for references or proof of your claims within an article prior to your article being accepted and published.

    Articles Should Be Of a Positive Nature

    Articles should be written from a positive view point and perspective.
    We will not publish most negatively written articles
    If your article denounces or belittles anyone, has hate content or is negative in any way, we reserve the right to exclude or delete the article. This decision will be made at our own discretion and without the need to consult the writer.

    No Guarantee Your Article Will Be Accepted

    We appreciate the time it takes for our members to research and write an article.

    It is with your help that our library of valuable information continues to grow every day.

    Please make sure you research your article well, include adequate references for us to be able to rapidly check and validate your facts, because the inclusion of your article will be at our discretion.

    Your article may be rejected or deleted by the JVFocus editor for many reasons, including, but not limited to:

    Poorly written articles

    Content quality
    Excessive spelling & grammatical errors​

    Lack of article integrity

    Facts which cannot be confirmed
    Content based on rumour (without credible & verifiable references)​
    • Suspicion of duplicate content
    • Suspicion that the content submitted may have been plagiarized
    • Off topic information
    • Not actually news, but just an article (it needs to be news worthy)
    Copyright Infringement

    You article must be unique and not infringe on copyright of any other person.
    Articles proven or suspected of being plagiarized will not be included in the JVFocus news thread and may even be reported to the identified owner of the material.

    No Negative News

    JVFocus has been created to help people learn about the internet marketing industry, grow their business and form relationships with other likeminded people. It is a positive and nurturing environment where budding entrepreneurs rub shoulders with and learn from industry experts.

    With this in mind, we have a strict policy which states that only Good News will be published.
    We will not publish articles with content denouncing or belittling anyone. Your article must not include hate messages, negative or aggressive comments of any kind. We reserve the right to exclude and/or delete any article that breaches these guidelines.

    We are not in the business of publishing news which over sensationalizes situations and we will not publish articles just for the sake of exposing anyone or anything negative, with or without proof.

    We do however reserve the right to report or publish articles that help members avoid being exposed to risks. This includes, but is not limited to scams, dodgy operators and unlawful activities where we deem that it will be of benefit to the wider community. The decision to exercise this right will be made exclusively by the JVFocus management team, based on a set of internal guidelines and at their own discretion.

    Acceptance of Editorial Guidelines

    By submitting an article and supporting materials, you are agreeing to adhere to the guidelines included in above.

    By accepting these guidelines, you will retain all rights, title, and interest in the submitted materials, while issuing JVFocus with an irrevocable right to use the submitted content within its website and associated web properties.

    You understand and are aware that by submitting your article and associated materials that JVFocus has no obligation of confidentiality or limitation of use on the submitted materials. Your article and associated materials may be posted within the JVFocus website as publicly available information.

    JVFocus, members and visitors are granted the right to use any and all included ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in the submitted materials.

    You agree that by submitting materials to the JVFocus News thread, you are granting JVFocus an irrevocable right and permission to use, copy, adapt, edit, modify, merge, reproduce, translate, publicly and digitally display and/or perform and redistribute the submitted materials in any form now known or later developed, and that you have the authority to grant these rights to JVFocus.

    You represent and warrant that the submitted materials are accurate, not misleading and do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party and that you have received written permission to use any third party materials included in your submitted article to JVFocus.

    You agree to defend, reimburse, and hold harmless JVFocus, and all persons acting on behalf of JVFocus against any and all, claims, damages, costs, or other expenses that arise out of your or your organization's failure to meet the obligations of this Policy.

    By submitting your materials to jvfocus, you indicate your acceptance of the guidelines, terms and conditions included above and certify that you have read this document in its entirety and know what you are agreeing to.
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