First Edition: JV Focus Weekly Digest - Sunday January 11, 2015

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    Just got my copy of the first JV Focus weekly digest and thought I would post a copy here each week also.

    If anyone has anything they would like to contribute, please let me know or make a post in the appropriate section and we give it consideration for inclusion.

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    Hi Gordon,

    Welcome to our latest edition of the JV Focus Weekly Digest, on Sunday January 11, 2015. In this edition...

    Break Out & Focus On The Important Things In Your Life

    Sometimes when you are focusing 100% in your own business or on your job as an employee, you can feel both frustration and fatigue. For some of us, that happens a lot and way too often. Josh Izenberg has captured a man who broke his chains and ......

    Read More

    Guest Blogging & What you Need to be Aware Of

    I’m a guest blogger on JV Focus, so I found this video by Matt Cutts to be very interesting. So after watching this video - am I worried about ...... Read More

    How Does Google Rank Content With Minimal Inbound Links?

    In this short video, Matt Cutts explains how Google ascertains the value of content and how to rank it, if there isn't many links to an article or post. According to Cutts, it is necessary to understand how search engines work initially, before using links as ...... Read More

    Want To Speak So People Will Listen?

    How to speak so that people want to listen! Top-rated international speaker, sound expert and author of “Sound Business, Julian Treasure demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to ...... Read More

    Dealing with VAT issues?

    With the topic of the new VAT laws going into effect, as always we put our heads down and got to work to give you the best solution. While we could have stopped at just reporting, we took a little time to think about all the different options you as the vendor may want to have ...... Read More

    Creating A Holistic SEO Strategy

    If you’re unclear as to how to go about creating an optimized SEO site or online strategy that is in keeping with Google’s line of thinking, this video may help. It is more suited towards beginners and online strategists as well as those who simply want to ...... Read More

    What Are Richard Branson's Customer Service Secrets?

    Billionaire entrepreneur and Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. His extreme, maverick style has not only contributed to his success, but it has also made ...... Read More

    What's Your "Desperate Why"?

    In the old days if you didn't tow the line you were sure to receive 12 lashes with the cat o nine tails. That was usually motivation enough to get folks to do what they must to survive. We're more civilized these days and only ...... Read More

    How Much Is Distraction Costing You And Your Business?

    In this video, motivational speaker, high performance trainer and celebrity marketing advisor, Brendon Burchard talks about the stunning costs of distraction. Burchard is the founder of High Performance Academy and Experts Academy. He is also ...... Read More

    Procrastination and the Perfectionist

    Brendon stripped out the truth and said, if you are a perfectionist, be precise and admit that you didn't complete because you are ...... Read More

    Exactly What Is Defined As A Paid Link?

    How do you or more importantly Google, define exactly what a paid link is? In general, most web definitions state that a paid link is ...... Read More

    7 Traits Internet Millionaires Have in Common

    I found the infographic below on my hard drive, in a PLR package I purchased a while ago and thought I would share it for discussion. What are your thoughts on these ...... Read More

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    JV Focus Team
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    Received my first edition too Gordon! :D Great to see it all moving forward! :)
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    Thanks Mike
    It has been a blast working with William on this and it is up to me to make it happen ever day and summarize the week in the weekly digest.
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