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    Upcoming Product Launch


    November 7th 2018 at 11 AM

    Product Funnel
    • Front End Product – SAAS Rebrander "Business in a Box" WhiteLabel Software $47
    • OTO #1 – Saas Rebrander Free Trial Module $67
    • OTO #2 – Saas Rebrander Master Reseller License $197
    Cloud-based software that will allow you to take the best selling web apps, rebrand them and run them as your own software as a service applications.

    Give Your Customers The Opportunity To Resell The Software….Offer Them A Complete Business In A Box. This mean that you can offer your customers the resell rights so that means you can pass those rights to your customers so your customers can start their own business in a box.

    Here Is What You Can Offer Your Customers:

    – Three SAAS Software Applications:- You get complete master resell rights to the software so that you can let your customers open their own SAAS business’s as well. They can rebrand the software.

    – All Unbranded Video’s:- All the unbranded sales videos and tutorials for all three SAAS applications. Your customers can brand them to themselves or do what they wish with them.

    – All Sales Pages:- You get all the sales pages completely done that you can give your customers so they can rebrand them for their own use. These are fully formatted with graphics.

    – All Unbranded Graphics:- All the unbranded graphics including headers, logos, box shots and more. You get these in PSD’s as well so your customers can edit as much as they wish.

    JV Page Link: SAAS JV Page

    Sales Page Preview: SAAS Sales Page

    Commissions: 50%

    Affiliate Network: JVZoo

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