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    If you are looking to rapidly grow a small to medium sized enterprise or build and leverage the right strategic partnerships, then read on. *Download link is at the end of this post!

    Progressive Partnerships: The Future of Business - Callum Laing
    "Whatever size your business is, getting the right strategic business partnerships in place is fundamental to success. Callum has been creating partnerships for decades and in this book breaks down how anyone can follow his steps to partnership success." - Jean-Michel Wu, Chief Talent Officer at McCann WorldGroup APAC

    Using real life scenarios, Callum not only demonstrates the importance of building your network, but also how to create value for partners and how to leverage the network. The concepts can be adapted to any business and he provides simple, but substantive insights into what can potentially become one of your most valuable resources.

    Since you are receiving this review copy for free, please take the time to leave a review, warts and all, here:

    Agglomerate: from idea to IPO in 12 months - Jeremy Harbour/Callum Laing
    From serial entrepreneur and M&A expert Jeremy Harbor, and the author of Progressive Partnerships Callum Laing: a revolutionary book that debunks the myths around entrepreneurship and proposes a disruptive new collaborative model for rapidly growing small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

    Agglomerate is a quick and easy read. However, based on the authors’ real-world experiences, it lays out sound concepts for using agglomeration to take small business owners and/or entrepreneurs to higher levels of success. If you are looking to grow a business, raise capital or even more profitable ways to exit, then this book will provide a framework that you can explore and move forward with.

    Since you are receiving this review copy for free, please take the time to leave a review, warts and all, here:

    Jeremy Harbour
    Learn How To Buy and Sell Businesses For A Living

    Callum Laing
    Assets, Alliances & Acquisitions


    Use agglomeration to rapidly grow an SME & learn to form & leverage the right strategic partnerships!
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