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  1. Shantanu Mukherjee
    Shantanu Mukherjee Colin Stevens
    Hello Colin,

    How are you doing? I saw your reply on Mike's post. I am about to launch a WordPress theme which will be editable, responsive & attractive. It can be edited and used for any industry related website.

    Currently, want a JV partner who can who can get sales for me and so it will be a win win situation for both of us.
  2. Shantanu Mukherjee
    Shantanu Mukherjee
    Looking for JV partner
  3. Dr Ope Banwo
    Dr Ope Banwo
    We Are Gearing Up For A Big Launch of SOCIAL DADDY [Social Media Management Software] Mon APRIL 3RD. Check details
  4. fernelys
    Heppy and commited
  5. Katherine Barrell
    Katherine Barrell
    I'm Katherine. I'm looking for professional affiliates marketer and had wide experience in this field, and build a longterm relationship.
  6. Shanti
    Happy to Serve you 24/7
  7. big ventures
    big ventures
    think big make big
  8. Linda Campbell
    Linda Campbell
    Social Bookmarking Service
  9. Paul Reaume
    Paul Reaume Mark Bishop
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Many thanks for everything you done for me and all your hard work.
  10. elcidofaguy
    When nothing seems right... Go left!
  11. Paladin Movies
    Paladin Movies David Bratby
    Thanks for the welcome David. Would you possibly have the time to be a jv partner to get affiliates on board for the launch of the Pro version of our RetargetRazor software?

    Regards, Ron
  12. Hasibul Amin
    Hasibul Amin
    Looking for great peoples!
  13. Heru Susanto
    Heru Susanto
    Rapid Builder - Drag & Drop WP Theme. LAUNCH on JUNE 16, 2015 at 10.00 AM EST - OVER $5,000 JV CONTEST PRIZE
  14. Paul Reaume
    Paul Reaume J Garces Jr
    Thanks J,
    I'm still working on parts of it. But, if anything sticks out . . .
    Thanks again for your help J.
  15. Paul Reaume
    Paul Reaume Mark Bishop
    Hi Mark,

    Hey, I'm getting ready to launch a new product. But before I do I am gathering feedback on the sales letter. If you can find a minute or two I'd sure appreciate your comments.

  16. Paul Reaume
    Paul Reaume J Garces Jr
    Hi J,

    Hey, I am looking for a little feedback on my newest sales letter attempt. I know it's out of the ordinary but any comments you have sure would be appreciated.

    1. J Garces Jr
      J Garces Jr
      Sure buddy. Will take a look as soon as I can.
      Apr 16, 2015
  17. Paul Reaume
    Paul Reaume Sherry Fields
    Hi Sherry,
    I'm looking for some honest feedback on my newest attempt at writing a sales letter. If you have a minute I'd sure appreciate your comments. Thanks Sherry
  18. Paul Reaume
    Paul Reaume Steve Waller
    Hi Steve, haven't heard from you for some time. All's well I trust. Just thought I'd say hello.
  19. Sofia Brown
    Sofia Brown
    Nothing great ever came that easy
  20. Jolly Chauhan
    Jolly Chauhan
    I am a professional financial adviser based in Cornwall, Ontario. Helping consumers in managing their finances and budget.