VidInfusion: JVs Earn Up To $188 per Sale With Over $10k in JV Prizes, launches 28th July 11am EDT

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    Josh Ratta launches Vidinfusion on the 28th of July, 2014, at 11am EDT. With over $10,000 in JV Prizes up for grabs.

    VidInfusion is a web based platform which allows users to create video marketing campaigns like never before.

    Welcome To VidInfusion

    Now users can select any YouTube video or Vimeo video. Add custom video skins, share buttons, buy now buttons, opt-in forms and other awesome features.

    Then they are able to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter & Google plus getting there videos viral exposure!

    You're buyers will then have the option to socially share their videos i.e. onto facebook, google+, twitter, with the integration of different social networks to post their videos on, to get viral exposure, to build leads and make sales with their videos.

    About VidInfusion

    Vidinfusion allows users to:
    • Select any YouTube or Vimeo Video
    • Add Custom Video Skins & Logo
    • Add Optin Forms, Call To Action Buttons & General Website Redirect slides
    • Add Viral Video Features & Social Share Buttons
    • Then Post Directly To 10-20 Social Networks Getting Social Bookmarks and increasing video exposure. Plus you also get custom video embed code for the player to embed to your sites.
    Main Benefits:
    • Get your videos viral exposure
    • Build an email list
    • Sell products directly from your videos
    • Generate traffic through website redirects
    • Build social bookmarks through the posting options
    • Stylize and customize your videos
    • Super easy to use interface (step by step)
    The Funnel

    FE - $27-$47, with 50% throughout the entire funnel.

    OTO 1 – VidInfusion Pro Features & Developer Rights ($67 with a $27 downsell)

    The first up-sell is developer rights and pro features for VidInfusion. This will be a very high converting up-sell, as we have some fantastic extra features which are almost irresistible.

    OTO 2 – Video Pro Marketer ($37-$47)
    The second up-sell is a brand new premium video training course which teaches everything to do with video marketing. I cover video creation, video S.E.O, monetising videos on Udemy & Skillfeed, YouTube Marketing and also we have a YouTube graphics designing software included. This is going to be sold at $197 on webinars after launch so it will surely convert for your list.

    OTO 3 – 4 Week Video Marketing Workshop ($27)
    The Third up-sell is going to lead on from the video pro marketers package with an extra 4 week intensive video marketing workshop. This is where I will be giving live training on everything I am doing in my business in video marketing and showing how to set it all up live on camera!

    VidInfusion Demo

    Sales Page Preview
    Check out a quick preview of a draft of the sales page here:

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    Sure does Mike, Josh has put together a solid product and funnel : )
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