Top Most Engaged JV Focus Members 2020-6-20 to 2020-6-26 (JST)

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    Hey JVs,

    A big shout out and kudos to all of our most recent engaged JV Focus Facebook Group members. A huge thanks to Edward Moore and a special mention to: Neil Bosley, Saul Maraney, Mandy Allen, Kim Powers, Engr Okunola Wasiu, Michael Millman, Mike Merz, Phil Clark, Trevor Carr, Edegware Gift, Kenneth Wayne Meadows, Juan Natay Burton, Chris Melchior, Robert Harrison, Trevor Folgering & Andre Moore.
    ;):cool: Thanks for your posts, comments, Likes, shares & support. ;):cool: Who will it be next week? ;):cool:

    Take Care! Stay Safe!

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