Top Most Engaged JV Focus Members 2020-5-2 to 2020-5-8 (JST)

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    Hey JVs,

    A big shout out and kudos to all of our most recent engaged JV Focus Facebook Group members.
    A huge thanks to Edward Moore and a special mention to: Neil Bosley, Saul Maraney, Mandy Allen, Engr Okunola Wasiu, Kim Powers, Michael Millman, Mike Merz, Phil Clark, Trevor Carr, Guru Nathan, Esmaeel Akther, Philip Marius Johansen, Paul Tilley, Jesse Joseph & Andre Moore.;) Thanks for your posts, comments, Likes, shares & support. ;)[​IMG] Who will it be next week? [​IMG][​IMG]

    Stay Safe! Stay Safe! Stay Safe!

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