The 3 Ways Brands Are Failing Their Customers Online Via Social Media Marketing

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    Social media marketing in 2018 is an integral part of our modern society and culture. Social media connects almost every person on earth with a global marketplace that has never been seen in our collective history.

    Social media represents an incredible opportunity for brands to seek out new customers and keep engaging their existing customer bases through personalized marketing. Social media customer care, a branch of social media marketing, is a growing field that, in today’s marketplace, is the primary choice of customers to receive customer support.

    Though many brands and businesses are using social media to attract and sell to an ever-widening customer net, they are failing to use social media as a primary channel for customer care, creating a huge discrepancy in customer expectations vs. customer service. The best website builder’s data on social media customer care shows us the ways that brands and businesses are failing to meet the expectations of their customers in 2018.

    Failing to Use Social Media as a Primary Customer Service Channel

    Customer care via social media is no longer an option but a mandatory requirement of the customer in 2018. 90% of social media users have used it to communicate with a brand and 63% of customers expect a company to offer customer service through social media. Furthermore, social media is the number one preferred channel in the modern marketplace for customer service. According to a survey, 34.5% of customers prefer to get their customer service via social media. This dwarfs the 24.7% who prefer website/live chat, 19.4% who prefer email and the 16.1% who still prefer the conventional phone/toll-free number approach to customer service. It is estimated that 95% of customer complaints on social media don’t reach companies. Not using social media as a primary channel for customer service is the biggest mistake brands are making on social media and has a detrimental effect on effective social media marketing.

    Poor or No Response on Social Media

    According to reports, 42% of customers who complain on social media expect a response within 1 hour. A further 32% expect a response with 30 minutes, and 11% of customers expect a response to be immediate. Despite companies’ attempts at promotional marketing via social media through ad campaigns and social pushes, currently, the average response time from a business is 5 hours and, in some cases, brands are simply ignoring customers’ actual complaints and requests. One-third of all customer complaints on social media are ignored. Not responding to a complaint decreases customer advocacy by 50% and 30% of people will go to a competitor if a brand doesn’t respond.

    Over-Advertising & Under-Communicating

    The average brand sends 23 promotional messages for every 1 response given to informational demand via social media. This shows a strong push in overall social media marketing, however, a weaker attempt at effective customer care.Though this is great for attracting new customers, brands are failing to maintain their existing customer base and are losing valuable leads by spending more time advertising than selling to those interested. The industry responds to just 12.9% of informational demand, while customers are expecting far more via social media channels.

    These are just a few reasons why social media customer care needs to be taken more seriously by brands and companies on the net. To boost your business’ viability online, it’s time to turn your attention to where customers need you most – social media customer care.

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    Are you failing your customers via Social Media Marketing?

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