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Discussion in 'Members Products For Sale' started by Chris Dolan, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Jan 5, 2014
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    Fact: Software outsells all other products on the Warrior Forum and other internet marketing forums!

    Developing Software might seem like something that anyone can do, and it is. But the process from outlining a software, planning how it should work, to hiring the right coders, and then graphics design … and the list goes on, it is hard and expensive work.

    If it sounds like alot of work, I can tell you that it is. But my need could be your opportunity. I have to take care of some rather large and unexpected bills (medical bills for my wife and daughter) that are hitting me between launches.


    So here is what I am thinking …. how about a Source Code Sale, this is not one of those opportunities to buy non-working out of date software source codes. Rather one in which I open up my source code library of currently working software.

    You would got everything from keyword research software (keyword planner extractor), youtube, yahoo answers, twitter, article spinners, facebook, now I usually sell a rebrand for around $997 but for the next ten takers who book this with me, I will share the sources with you for the price of 1!


    This is an incredible library that cost around 100,000 to develop. What I need are 10 serious buyers who have the money to send in PayPal in the next couple of days.

    There is some really quick cash to be made for you on this.

    So here is what you would be getting in .net c#

    Keyword Generator (that uses different sites autofills to generate 1000′s of keywords in seconds)
    TweeterNaire Twitter Marketing Software | SITE
    TubeNaire Suite – Up/Downloader / Research Tool / Watermarker / Marketing Tool | SITE
    Answer Spy – Yahoo Answers software | VIDEO
    Article Spinner Software | VIDEO
    Facebook Marketing Software (Finds ID’s in Groups/Pages and Events) | SITE
    Keyword Planner Software | VIDEO
    Slide 2 Video Pro | SITE

    There are a few more sources that I will add in to this (Backlinks Software, Video Submitter, Proxy Finder/Tester) that will make you an instant software developer without having to spend thousands or go through the headaches of hiring outsourcers!


    Don’t wait to find out this opportunity is gone!
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  2. Gordon Russell

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    Sep 24, 2013
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    That is one very generous offer Chris.
    I am going to share this one and I hope others will join me in doing so, because I can fully appreciate the value of 10 tried and proven software products with source code.
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  3. Lisa Allen

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    Jan 17, 2014
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    Sounds awesome Chris. I'm interested!

    But I have a couple of questions:

    What language is the source code written in, and does it support both PC & Mac, or just PC?

    Let me know,
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  4. Sherry Fields

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    Jan 2, 2014
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    Wonderful offering Chris, I too will share this - I know it is a great deal and wish you every success in getting 10 takers right away. It should be a no brainer for anyone looking to establish themselves in software.
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