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  1. We are a bit confused about where to find affiliates; we have joined boards and affiliate programs that seem to center very much of digital advertising products. These tends to offer hundreds and hundreds of dollars per sale and seem well established. Conversely, we are just starting off, and everything I have read states that most affiliates want a proven track record before they consider representing new products. That's respectable and I agree. Of course, affiliates deal with the same issue- often needing a successful track record before being considered for big products. Thus, where can a new business find affiliates who are looking for products to represent so that we can simultaneously build each other up? Because we offer digital classes, we often fall in with the digital marketing scene, but we don't really fit there, as are classes are academic. Wondering if anyone has a good place to start off and build a modest affiliate base with which to grow.

    Thanks for any guidance!
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    If you are using a platform such as JVZoo.com or something similar, you can post your product there and affiliates can see your JV/Affiliate and sales pages.

    Other alternatives include paid advertising, searching for more relevant affiliate groups, forums, etc. You can post in groups requesting to partner with someone for an initial launch or get affiliates. Despite the fact that some of these groups may seem to focus on digital training, there may be members of those groups who would be interested in your particular niche. In our JVFocus Facebook group, we have members who operate in a number of niches and there are a lot of other FB groups who are in the same position as our group.

    Another idea is that you can look for people already operating in your niche who offer non-competitive products, services or courses and see if they would be willing to partner with you. These may be blogs or authority sites etc.

    As you mentioned, the track record works both ways. However, everyone started somewhere. You might offer more incentives, commissions, prizes, etc., to encourage affiliates. The partnering idea is good initially, simply because they would likely have more resources than you, including affiliate pools to draw from.
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