How to Increase Website Traffic FAST and FOR FREE

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    "Here’s how to increase website traffic fast and free in 2020. If you want to make money online, you need to get traffic to your blog, your website, or your YouTube channel. Today I'm sharing my most favorite tips and tricks to get more organic, free traffic to your website, fast!"

    Great contribution from JV Focus member, David McGimpsey. Check out his: Dave Mac - YouTube channel. There is lots of free, solid information that you can put to good use immediately.

    Today's video is about getting FREE website traffic. Dave will show you how to get fast, targeted traffic to your website starting today. This traffic generation method is excellent for bloggers getting started in affiliate marketing or those selling products/services who want to get sales fast.

    Start a blog or use an existing blog.
    2. Create an appropriate (see video), LinkedIn profile (public).
    3. Join appropriate LinkedIn groups. (see video).
    4. Post blog posts on your LinkedIn status and in LinkedIn groups too (Appropriate group posts, see video).
    5. Comment and Like on other's posts, reply and connect.
    6. Use Articles on LinkedIn. (see video).
    7. NEVER spam. You will get banned super quick.
    8. Write to be read, not for SEO. (see video).

    How to get Free, highly targeted traffic to your website!

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