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    Sep 24, 2013
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    With the closing of WSO JV Central I thought I would put together a brief method for turning a MASSIVE profit by jumping on this week’s band wagon.

    Lets look at how we can start a Facebook group and attempt to poach William’s resources.

    Warning: This is meant to be tongue in cheek and will most likely consume you time, your money and probably make you no money.

    Since William announced the closure of the WSO JV Central Facebook, there appears to be a growing number of people wanting to know how they can get a group like William’s up and going, so I thought I would give you blueprint.

    It is very easy to start, so lets get into this.

    First thing you need to do is go to the WSO JV Central page and click the Create Group button at the top of the page. (Might as well start from the site you're going to attempt to rape).

    Now you have a group of your own, you need to name it and fill in all the About details.

    You are done and now the fun part starts.

    So now we hop on over to WSO JV Central and attempt to make a post asking people to join your group, because everyone needs to be a member of another group with no track record, no major figure at the helm and no freaking idea about what they doing.

    Sounds like a good idea, so it must be easy – hey! (this is what I call a brain fart moment).

    Next think you need to do is start wildly posing as much crap in your new group as you can. Preferably anything that comes to mind, because all you will be doing is adding more dilution to an already overcrowded market place.

    Now when it doesn't get traction as fast as you thought it would (BTW: William has deleted your post by now), start spending large sums of money advertising on Facebook that you have a new JV group (because heaven knows, Facebook needs another group).

    Now you got some members (as random as they may be), so start acting like you’re the ruler of the JV world, because we all know you have the connections and a group full of super stars following you now.

    At about this point in time I would like to stop talking crap for a minute and look at the things William Murray did to make WSO JV Central as successful as it is (until it closes I am going to refer to present tense).

    Every member was recruited organically.

    Every member went through an application process (this was not a group of random people).

    With the growth come a group of movers and shakers who had respect for him (good luck getting those guys on board for your newbie JV group).

    When it started to grow and got traction (it didn't happen overnight) William spent a massive amount of time controlling the quality of posts and removing the crap from the group (posts and people).

    What rose to the surface was the cream of the industry, mixing with people wanting to grow a serious online business, with access to some of the industries finest.

    This was a passion for William, not just a Facebook group (it has that home grown feel).

    Now if you’re NOT serious about building a quality group and putting in the time it takes to nurture and grow something that is worthwhile, please don’t add to the dilution or crap on Facebook already.

    Please consider getting over this dream fast and joining us over at

    A few facts some people having a brain fart have overlooked.

    Most Facebook groups have less than 1000 members (go scrape some Facebook IDs and you will see how many really do have a big following).

    Most Facebook groups struggle to get member engagement (have a look beyond the top 10 or so IM related groups and you will see most post struggle to get a like).

    In comparison some of the largest forums have tens of thousands of members and you can be assured, that with Mr Murray at the helm this forum in particular will grow rapidly.


    This is what a real opportunity looks like and if you are serious about building your business, buy a $10 membership here, buy a $60 signature and start creating some content and building a following of your own within this forum (build your own group of followers here, but without the Facebook crap surrounding it).

    In the coming months your investment will multiply many times (I can tell you mine already has and I don’t even have a signature).

    Well that is enough talking trash and I hope I have now talked all but the serious movers and shakers, who know how to run a Facebook group, out of the brilliant idea of poaching the WSO JV Central group resources.

    BTW: There are some good groups for you to join on Facebook and you can tell them very easily.

    They usually have a star like William guiding them, they are very active and they provide more value than they ask for.

    Please don’t add to the dilution of these valuable resources, because there is enough crap on Facebook already.

    Bye for now Gordon Russell

    Please join my Facebook group at :p

    BTW: This is a real group, but it is not accepting memberships (I claimed it a couple of weeks ago for a non JV related project I am working on).
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    Sep 24, 2013
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    First up hilarious opening :D

    I'm also flattered with your overview of what I've been doing over on WSO JV Central the last few years, thank you for that now I'll start responding to some points on your post.

    I'll give a little overview without going to in-depth into the specific strategies employed with the group and it's massive success.

    I don't usually talk money or how much our business makes however over almost a 2 year period it was almost at 200k.

    Before I even hit that 'create group' option on facebook I did solid research into my target market.

    Something to bare in mind at this point is the following
    • Only a handful of people knew me, and I mean a handful
    • I only had 2 small launches no more than 450 units under my belt
    • I was completely unknown.
    • All JV Groups hung out in Skype Groups
    • My Business mentor and friend advised me to put the JV Group over on a forum, that way it's fully our own business asset
    When completed my research and initially started running the concept of a Facebook Group to a few people, I was immediately told it wouldn't work!

    Why would anyone want to hang out in a FB Group, we all hang out in Skype Groups?

    Now at this point I could of threw in the towel and gave up, however I decided to go against their advice and set the group up.

    From the outset I wanted to add 'exclusivity' the group and capture leads in the form of an optin, (That's something no one had done for any Skype Group).

    Next I identified a list of about 600 candidates I would personally invite to join the group, identifying the top 200 vendors.

    (Here's a crazy part) -- I created 200 personal videos introducing myself to the top 200 vendors and sent them out.

    This was purely an introduction at this point only... and I couldn't stand being in front of the webcam, this step took me a long time.

    The video creation and sending out took about 2 weeks alone, some must have thought this guys nuts, others sent me replies thanking me and some ignored me all together.

    I think my response rate was about 30%, soo 60 responses or so.

    Now time to get to work...

    I started writing a personal message to the top 200 vendors first, (getting some movers and shakers in helps a LOT with traction).

    Some joined, some declined, some said 'it won't work' and some ignored me.

    That's fine...

    Then moving onto the 'rest of the list' I got to about number 350 on the list then didn't invite another single person thereafter.

    The new group took off like CRAZY...

    From memory I opened the door mid-march 2011, by mid-april I had stopped inviting people.

    Great content was shared, very little chaff had to be removed and I think in the first year I only had to ban one person.

    Within no time I also had one of the largest JV Lists in the low-ticket space.

    I'm not going to go into the growth-hacking strategies I used, they were all organic and internal to the group and if you used to be a member then you probably noticed most?

    Ok onto your points now Gordon.

    Do you know something Gordon that's something I'm extremely proud of, apart from the initial persona invites I sent, each and every member came organically.

    I tried facebook ads for a test once, activated it for about 24 hours then never used it again.

    That was more a WSOJVC branding exercise...

    Again spot on Gordon, this was the optin section, which of course served the part of capturing leads and growing our JV List.

    That not only gave us leverage in the marketplace, also generated quite a lot of revenue.

    This step went a bit deeper to for example here's what happened from the point of optin.
    • Prospective member opts in > Redirect to thank you page > invited to add myself in skype > Follow up email sent > instructed to add me to Facebook so I could add them to the group > instructed to PM via Facebook and request to join
    As you can see that's quite a lot of hoops to jump through, and that was by design, gave the group that more of an 'exclusive' feel.

    I think in the first 3 months I spent about 18 hours a day between my full time job back then and engaging in the group.

    Passion was something I had a lot of Gordon, my primary objective was to help others first and let the rest follow.

    Yup -- If you're not prepared to put the legwork in and work your arse off, then you may as well not bother. Takes a serious amount of time and dedication.

    Just like any other new business venture...

    I would say most period, I've even some of the top 5 within the niche WSOJVC being far less engaged that WSO JV Central.

    Fact of the matter is most facilitators don't know how to create a highly engaging environment, that delivers value in a friendly, spam-free environment.

    There's a MASSIVE opportunity at the time of writing Gordon, we've only literally laid the foundations, framework and almost at the first 100 members.

    That's just the start...

    I fully intend on creating an extremely high quality, highly engaging, friendly, educational, business-like environment here at JV Focus.

    There's a chance here for others to participate, add value, buy a signature and start interacting.

    Drive traffic back to their products, services, blogs etc and start making a name for themselves.

    I could go on and on with this point ; )

    LAMO re: your facebook group -- Anyway that's enough rambling from me, I won't give away all my 'secrets' for creating highly engaging facebook groups, or communities for that matter ;)

    Thanks again for taking the time to put this together Gordon Russell

    Oh yes and if anyone wants to join here's the signup like below.

    And to close this reply off my good buddy James Brown was 100% spot on -- I should have been building our own owned asset a long time ago i.e. well over a year ago.

    Hence the reason for JV Focus.

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