How Much Money Have You Missed In Your Business?

Discussion in 'Members For Hire' started by Dave Hughes, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Dave Hughes

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    Jan 2, 2014
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    Bad copy leaks money.

    Mediocre copy leaks money.

    Good copy...doesn't.

    How much money is your copy leaking?

    I've had several people ask me for help with their copy, so I thought I would make a JV Focus only offer.

    In my 30+ year radio career, I've had daily experience with copywriting, including winning over 20 state and national awards for commercials I've written and produced.

    I've written many pieces of direct response copy that converted, including the copy for Voice For Marketing, which converted on its initial launch at 36%. (You can see it here:

    Here's the deal: I'll write your copy (as a JV Focus member) for $250. This serves two purposes: it allows me to build a portfolio of successful copy other than my own, and it allows me to help my fellow JV Focus members.

    Please be aware; I will take exactly three people on with this offer...after that, I will charge more appropriate prices.

    Also, there is no “buy button”. If interested, send me a private message here in JV Focus so we can discuss your project.

    If you're a non-member that is reading this, feel free to email me at dave (at) thevoiceformarketing (dot) com, but the cost for non-JV Focus members will be $750.
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    Sep 24, 2013
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    I know of some Award Winning copy writers who would add a zero, plus some, onto the end of the $750, so getting this for just $250 is a genuine deal you won't see often.

    Awesome offer for the community Dave.

    Take advantage of him guys, while he is doing silly things to build up his portfolio.

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