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    Hi JV Focus Members,

    I just joined JV Focus and look forward to a promising and successful journey with all of you!

    A little about my background:

    I was born in Sweden 1954. I am sixty-four now but feel like I am 40, full of energy and vitality, successful in business over the last 30 years and today transferring my business focus, from leading my company and different Swedish and US owned companies, to online business from my company, SJ Internet Solutions LLC, based in Los Angeles. I am still living in Stockholm Sweden with my family, but my primary business focus is the US market.

    I am an entrepreneur as a person, and my passion is doing high quality and successful business. I have a long background within sales and management. I was, for example, Sales Manager in the little team of 20 people the successfully launched Apple Computer in the Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) back in the late 80s and early 90s. I had the fortune to work and meet with Steve Jobs and John Sculley among other great innovative and entrepreneurial people within Apple. I have founded and grown three companies in the markets of IT and Executive Search (recruitment and leadership development of top management in Swedish and International companies) that later have been acquired by other companies. My situation today is that I no longer want to manage a company with employees, and I actually left my position as CEO for Nordic Talent Professionals (a subsidiary company to US based Manpower Group) by the end of October 2014. Even though I still help my wife in her Executive Search business as a Board Member and Senior Consultant, I can now more or less focus on my online business.

    Over the last four years, I have step by step built up my online business in SJ Internet Solutions LLC. I have, as a lot of other Internet Marketers, invested in many worthless and in some cases expensive training programs, products, resources, etc., which did not lead to any positive financial results. With my experience today, I should have said NO to 80% of these investments. Still I have learned a lot…

    I have lately turned my offline experience of personal- and business development into online coaching programs that I plan to launch soon. I have also a focus on Ecommerce business with a couple of Shopify stores. I have on a very small scale reopened my Amazon.com business that I paused due to high competition and low margins, even though it for two years was quite profitable.

    My ambition is to empower people's life and to be financial free in order to live the rest of my life with my family in happiness and freedom to do whatever we would like to do!

    As the entrepreneur, I am, I will continue developing my online/offline businesses the next coming years. I love what I am doing!

    I look forward to being a part of JVFocus...

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    Hi Sven,

    Thanks for the great intro and welcome aboard. ;)
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