From Intention to Initiative - WHY You Do What You Do

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    "Ever wondered about how your mind works, and how you can use it to take more initiative in your life?" Leading motivational expert, marketing trainer and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Brendon Burchard released a video recently talking about: How your mind really WORKS

    In the video below, Burchard talks about: How your mind really WORKS


    • This video from Brendon Burchard shows you how your mind really WORKS.
    • “You can take that bold action if you say, “I’m here. I’m ready. I deserve this. I am willing to deal with the hardships because I have confidence in my ability to figure things out.”
    • “You can take that big initiative if your intention is to serve others and to live out your dreams.”
    • Your initiative flows from your intentions and determines where you’re going in life. Evaluate where you are now and decide on where you want to go by learning this framework.
    • Watch the video to get the full training.
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    Using your mind to take more initiative in your life!
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