Be Part Of The $100,000 Dollar Launch And Earn Up To 60% Commissions!

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    Affiliates! Get Ready For Your Bank Account To EXPLODE!!!
    With SMS Local Agency Pre-Launch!
    Be Part Of The $100,000 Dollar Launch And Earn Up To 60% Commissions!

    What Is SMS Local Agency?

    SMS Local Agency is a White Label Bulk Texting Marketing Complete System. What does all that mean? The short version is it’s a business in a box. No coding required. Following the step by step instruction can have anyone step up and running their new texting business in 30 minutes or less!

    Commission Structure:
    Starting NOW

    Price Point $997.00
    60% Commissions
    Purchase is non-refundable
    Payout May 15th
    Eligible for July 16th Launch
    First Cookie
    May 1, Commissions will be reset to 36%
    July 15th, all cookies will be reset.

    Grand, 2nd & 3rd place prizes.

    More info:

    Schedule Your Webinar Or Intro/Outro Recordings Now!

    Follow the link or contact my Affiliate manager for more info
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    Thanks for the heads up Ken.
    If you're not already a member, I recommend that you also join our JV Focus Facebook Group here. You can also make a launch announcement in the group, once you have made an introductory post in the group. *I have Tweeted and posted your announcement in our JV Focus G+ group, our JV Focus FB group and also on our JV Focus FB Biz page.

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