BAD DAY? 3 Mindset Tricks to Get Positivity Back

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    "The #1 issue with productivity is this: some people look at their day-to-day tasks with dread, they accept that feeling, and they stop. Here's how to overcome that and achieve your HIGHEST levels of productivity." Leading motivational expert, marketing trainer and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Brendon Burchard released a video recently talking about: 3 Mindset Tricks to Get Positivity Back

    In the video below, Burchard talks about: 3 Mindset Tricks to Get Positivity Back

    • It’s easy to let a “bad day” derail your entire week. In this video, Brendon reveals three uncommon mindset tricks to help bring motivation and drive back to your life after a rough day.
    • “If my best friend just went through that EXACT thing, what would I say they should do first?”
    • “If you will write yourself a letter, it can significantly change your emotional well-being.”
    • “Sometimes when you’re down and out, you’ve got to get out and about.”
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    How to get your positivity back!
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