“How To Get Half Price Sales Copy Written By A John Carlton Trained Copywriter”

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    My names Colin Heath & I’m a John Carlton coached, direct response copywriter with a passion for world-class results delivered to every client.

    I have 8 years experience as a project manager to worldwide corporations, which means I know how important it is to deliver on time, within budget and most importantly to the quality required (many complain of time management problems dealing with other, less organized, copy experts)

    I use a rare and stunningly effective, step-by-step process, that delivers the spectacular results you crave while making the process silky smooth and easier than ever.

    I have a special offer for August in celebration of my Sons 2nd Birthday which is today…

    …I will HALF the price of writing you a campaign that’s so effective you have to turn it off to stop the sales.

    Your copy be carefully created with a battle tested formula that has produced $millions in a single campaign.

    A second expert Copywriter who teaches this very system will review your sales copy ensuring you get double the attention on your critical sales weapon…

    …Dialed in, laser targeted and super effective copy can be yours without the worry of it being late or not delivering the results.

    This will only be reduced for 1 month of Copywriting, which means I can only take on 2 clients right now to give the undivided attention you deserve

    Now this won’t be cheap but it WILL deliver Massive Value and get you the results you need

    Please drop me a PM on here if you would like to be top of the list and receive a priority consultation on your next, record-breaking launch.



    P.S. Remember you get battle tested copy, written AND reviewed by John Carlton trained copywriters at half the usual price for the first 2 who qualify.
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    Hi Colin, hope this goes well for you
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